FAQ Cookery How do you cook roast lamb ?

How do you cook Roast Lamb

Following on from last month’s article on roast beef, here is the next article in the series.  And this time we turn our attention to roast lamb.

Which joint to chose?

I like to chose leg of lamb for a roast dinner.  It cooks with a lovely crispy skin whilst the meat is really tender and moist.  As with all meat joints, make sure you baste it regularly with the cooking juices.  Shoulder of lamb is also available and is a slightly cheaper cut but it’s a better joint for a really slow cooked meal.  You can cook if for 4 - 5 hours in a low oven and the meat it’s so succulent it literally falls off the bone.

How to prepare the joint for roasting?

My favourite way to cook leg of lamb is to stud it with rosemary and garlic. The flavour combination is a match made in heaven. All you need to do is make some slits all over the meat.  Then pop in some sprigs of fresh rosemary and slivers of peeled garlic.

Give it a scrunch of salt and pepper and pour enough water into the roasting tin to cover the bottom.  This will partly steam the joint  which helps it to stay moist but also makes delicious gravy when mingled with the meat juices.

How long to cook it for?

Allow 25 minutes to the half kilo plus 25 minutes.

So say your meat weighed 1.5kg (that’s 3lbs in old money!) you need to cook it for 3 x 25 minutes plus another 25 minutes, which is a total of 100 minutes or 1 hour 40 minutes.  Cook at a high temperature first (220C) for 25 mins then turn down to 180C for the rest of the cooking time.

Resting the meat is important as it allows the meat juices to sink back into the meat.  This makes the meat more tender and easier to carve.  Take the tray out of the oven at least 20 minutes before you’re ready to carve and wrap it in foil to keep warm.

How do you carve meat?

Place the joint on a stable chopping board.  Use a sharp knife and cut across the grain of the meat in thin slices.

Where should I buy my meat?

Make friends with your local butcher.  Not only are you supporting a local business but they will be able to give you lots of help and advice about buying and choosing meat.


FAQ Cookery How do you cook roast lamb ?
Home FAQ Cookery How do you cook roast lamb ?
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