Recipes Summer Berry Dessert

Summer Berry Dessert

This is my take on the old classic: Eton Mess

The hint of liquor gives it a real lift and the variety of fruit makes it more interesting.

This is such a simple dish but tastes wonderful and is perfect for serving as a dinner party dessert. It looks impressive but can be thrown together in minutes. Perfect!

250g soft fruit eg strawberries, raspberries red currents if you have them. Reserve a couple of pieces of fruit per person for decoration.
250 ml double cream, lightly whipped
2 meringue cases
½ tablespoon crème de cassis
½ tablespoon icing sugar if needed

Serves 4

Whip the double cream in a large bowl, ensuring that it still remains quite soft. Mix in the creme de cassis, crush in the meringue cases and fold in the fruit. Taste and if necessary add icing sugar to taste.

Pile into tall glasses and decorate with the reserved fruit. 

Recipes Summer Berry Dessert
Home Recipes Summer Berry Dessert
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